Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute  
      Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Schwarz
      Video Coding & Analytics Department
      Head of Image & Video Coding Group

Heiko Schwarz received the Dipl.-Ing. degree in electrical engineering and the Dr.-Ing. degree, both from the University of Rostock, Rostock, Germany, in 1996 and 2000, respectively.

In 1999, Heiko Schwarz joined the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Berlin, Germany. Since 2010, he is heading the research group "Image and Video Coding" at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute. In October 2017, he became Professor at the FU Berlin.

Heiko Schwarz has actively participated in the standardization activities of the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (ITU-T SG16/Q.6-VCEG) and the ISO/IEC Moving Pictures Experts Group (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11-MPEG). He successfully contributed to the video coding standards ITU-T Rec. H.264 | ISO/IEC 14496-10 (MPEG-4 AVC) and ITU-T Rec. H.265 | ISO/IEC 23008-2 (MPEG-H HEVC) and their extensions. Heiko Schwarz co-chaired various ad hoc groups of the standardization bodies. He was appointed as co-editor of ITU-T Rec. H.264 and ISO/IEC 14496-10 and as software coordinator for the SVC reference software.

Heiko Schwarz served as reviewer for various international journals and international conferences. Since 2016, he is associate editior of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology.


  • SMPTE Journal "Certificate of Merit" (2014)
    [together with Benjamin Bross and Detlev Marpe]

  • Nomination for the German Future Prize (2012)
    [together with Detlev Marpe and Thomas Wiegand]

  • Karl Heinz Beckurts Award (2011)
    [together with Detlev Marpe and Thomas Wiegand]

  • Best Paper Award of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (2009)
    [together with Detlev Marpe and Thomas Wiegand]

  • Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize (2004)
    [together with Detlev Marpe and Thomas Wiegand]

  • ITG Best Paper Award of the German Society for Information Technology (2004)
    [together with Detlev Marpe and Thomas Wiegand]

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