annexb.h File Reference

Annex B byte stream buffer handling. More...

#include "nalucommon.h"

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Data Structures

struct  annex_b_struct


typedef struct annex_b_struct ANNEXB_t


int GetAnnexbNALU (ImageParameters *p_Img, NALU_t *nalu)
void OpenAnnexBFile (ImageParameters *p_Img, char *fn)
void CloseAnnexBFile (ImageParameters *p_Img)
void init_annex_b (ANNEXB_t *annex_b)
void malloc_annex_b (ImageParameters *p_Img)
void free_annex_b (ImageParameters *p_Img)

Detailed Description

Annex B byte stream buffer handling.

Definition in file annexb.h.

Function Documentation

void CloseAnnexBFile ( ImageParameters *  p_Img  ) 

Closes the bit stream file.

Definition at line 338 of file annexb.c.

Referenced by initBitsFile().

int GetAnnexbNALU ( ImageParameters *  p_Img,
NALU_t nalu 

Returns the size of the NALU (bits between start codes in case of Annex B. nalu->buf and nalu->len are filled. Other field in nalu-> remain uninitialized (will be taken care of by NALUtoRBSP.

0 if there is nothing any more to read (EOF) -1 in case of any error
Side-effect: Returns length of start-code in bytes.

GetAnnexbNALU expects start codes at byte aligned positions in the file

Definition at line 139 of file annexb.c.

References nalu_t::buf, FindStartCode(), nalu_t::forbidden_bit, getfbyte(), nalu_t::len, nalu_t::lost_packets, nalu_t::max_size, nalu_t::nal_reference_idc, nalu_t::nal_unit_type, no_mem_exit(), and nalu_t::startcodeprefix_len.

Referenced by initBitsFile().

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void OpenAnnexBFile ( ImageParameters *  p_Img,
char *  fn 

Opens the bit stream file named fn.


Definition at line 310 of file annexb.c.

References error(), errortext, ET_SIZE, and getChunk().

Referenced by initBitsFile().

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