File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
annexb.c [code]Annex B Byte Stream format
annexb.h [code]Annex B byte stream buffer handling
biaridecod.c [code]Binary arithmetic decoder routines
biaridecod.h [code]Headerfile for binary arithmetic decoder routines
block.c [code]Block functions
block.h [code]Definitions for block decoding functions
cabac.c [code]CABAC entropy coding routines
cabac.h [code]Header file for entropy coding routines
context_ini.c [code]CABAC context initializations
context_ini.h [code]CABAC context initializations
contributors.h [code]List of contributors and copyright information
ctx_tables.h [code]CABAC context initialization tables
defines.h [code]Header file containing some useful global definitions
distortion.h [code]Distortion data header file
elements.h [code]Header file for elements in H.264 streams
enc_statistics.h [code]Statistics reports for the encoding process
erc_api.c [code]External (still inside video decoder) interface for error concealment module
erc_api.h [code]External (still inside video decoder) interface for error concealment module
erc_do.h [code]Header for the I & P frame error concealment common functions
erc_do_i.c [code]Intra (I) frame error concealment algorithms for decoder
erc_do_p.c [code]Inter (P) frame error concealment algorithms for decoder
erc_globals.h [code]Global header file for error concealment module
errorconcealment.c [code]Implements error concealment scheme for H.264 decoder
errorconcealment.h [code]Header file for errorconcealment.c
filehandle.c [code]Trace file handling and standard error handling function
fmo.c [code]Support for Flexible Macroblock Ordering (FMO)
fmo.h [code]Support for Flexilble Macroblock Ordering (FMO)
frame.h [code]Headers for frame format related information
global.h [code]Global definitions for H.264 decoder
header.c [code]H.264 Slice headers
header.h [code]Prototypes for header.c
ifunctions.h [code]Define some inline functions that are used within the encoder
image.c [code]Decode a Slice
image.h [code]Prototypes for image.c
img_io.c [code]Image I/O related functions
img_io.h [code]Image I/O related functions
img_process.c [code]Input data Image Processing functions
img_process.h [code]Input data Image Processing functions
input.c [code]Input related functions
input.h [code]Input related definitions
intra16x16_pred.c [code]Functions for intra 8x8 prediction
intra16x16_pred.h [code]Definitions for intra 16x16 prediction
intra4x4_pred.c [code]Functions for intra 4x4 prediction
intra4x4_pred.h [code]Definitions for intra 4x4 prediction
intra8x8_pred.c [code]Functions for intra 8x8 prediction
intra8x8_pred.h [code]Definitions for intra 8x8 prediction
intra_chroma_pred.c [code]Functions for intra chroma prediction
io_image.h [code]Image I/O
io_raw.c [code]I/O functions related to raw images
io_raw.h [code]I/O functions related to raw images
io_tiff.c [code]I/O functions related to TIFF images
io_tiff.h [code]I/O functions related to tiff images Part of code was based on libtiff (see
io_video.h [code]Video I/O
lagrangian.h [code]Distortion data header file
ldecod.c [code]H.264/AVC reference decoder project main()
leaky_bucket.c [code]Calculate if decoder leaky bucket parameters meets HRD constraints specified by encoder
leaky_bucket.h [code]Header for Leaky Buffer parameters
loopFilter.c [code]Filter to reduce blocking artifacts on a macroblock level. The filter strength is QP dependent
loopfilter.h [code]External deblocking filter interface
macroblock.c [code]Decode a Macroblock
macroblock.h [code]Arrays for macroblock encoding
mb_access.c [code]Functions for macroblock neighborhoods
mb_access.h [code]Functions for macroblock neighborhoods
mbuffer.c [code]Frame buffer functions
mbuffer.h [code]Frame buffer functions
mc_prediction.c [code]Functions for motion compensated prediction
mc_prediction.h [code]Definitions for motion compensated prediction
memalloc.c [code]Memory allocation and free helper functions
memalloc.h [code]Memory allocation and free helper funtions
mv_prediction.c [code]Motion Vector Prediction Functions
mv_prediction.h [code]Declarations for Motion Vector Prediction
nal.c [code]Converts Encapsulated Byte Sequence Packets (EBSP) to Raw Byte Sequence Packets (RBSP), and then onto String Of Data Bits (SODB)
nalu.c [code]Decoder NALU support functions
nalu.h [code]Common NALU support functions
nalucommon.c [code]Common NALU support functions
nalucommon.h [code]NALU handling common to encoder and decoder
output.c [code]Output an image and Trance support
output.h [code]Picture writing routine headers
params.h [code]Input parameters related definitions
parset.c [code]Parameter Sets
parset.h [code]Picture and Sequence Parameter Sets, decoder operations
parsetcommon.c [code]Picture and Sequence Parameter set generation and handling
parsetcommon.h [code]Picture and Sequence Parameter Sets, structures common to encoder and decoder
quant.c [code]Quantization functions
quant.h [code]Definitions for quantization functions
quant_params.h [code]Headerfile for Quantization parameters
report.h [code]Headers for frame format related information
rtp.c [code]Network Adaptation layer for RTP packets
rtp.h [code]Prototypes for rtp.c
sei.c [code]Functions to implement SEI messages
sei.h [code]Prototypes for sei.c
transform.c [code]Transform functions
transform.h [code]Prototypes of transform functions
transform8x8.c [code]8x8 transform functions
transform8x8.h [code]Prototypes of 8x8 transform functions
typedefs.h [code]Common type definitions Currently only supports Windows and Linux operating systems. Need to add support for other "older systems such as VAX, DECC, Unix Alpha etc
types.h [code]Type definitions
vlc.c [code]VLC support functions
vlc.h [code]Header for (CA)VLC coding functions
vui_params.h [code]Input parameters related definitions
win32.c [code]Platform dependent code
win32.h [code]Win32 definitions for H.264 encoder

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