ifunctions.h File Reference

define some inline functions that are used within the encoder. More...

#include <math.h>
#include <limits.h>

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static short smin (short a, short b)
static short smax (short a, short b)
static int imin (int a, int b)
static int imax (int a, int b)
static double dmin (double a, double b)
static double dmax (double a, double b)
static int64 i64min (int64 a, int64 b)
static int64 i64max (int64 a, int64 b)
static short sabs (short x)
static int iabs (int x)
static double dabs (double x)
static int64 i64abs (int64 x)
static double dabs2 (double x)
static int iabs2 (int x)
static int64 i64abs2 (int64 x)
static int isign (int x)
static int isignab (int a, int b)
static int rshift_rnd (int x, int a)
static int rshift_rnd_sign (int x, int a)
static unsigned int rshift_rnd_us (unsigned int x, unsigned int a)
static int rshift_rnd_sf (int x, int a)
static unsigned int rshift_rnd_us_sf (unsigned int x, unsigned int a)
static int iClip1 (int high, int x)
static int iClip3 (int low, int high, int x)
static short sClip3 (short low, short high, short x)
static double dClip3 (double low, double high, double x)
static int weighted_cost (int factor, int bits)
static int RSD (int x)
static int power2 (int x)
static int float2int (float x)
static int get_bit (int64 x, int n)
static float psnr (int max_sample_sq, int samples, float sse_distortion)

Detailed Description

define some inline functions that are used within the encoder.


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