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NAL related headers. More...

#include "nalucommon.h"
#include "enc_statistics.h"

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int addCabacZeroWords (ImageParameters *p_Img, NALU_t *nalu, StatParameters *cur_stats)
void SODBtoRBSP (Bitstream *currStream)
int RBSPtoEBSP (byte *NaluBuffer, unsigned char *rbsp, int rbsp_size)

Detailed Description

NAL related headers.


4 Agust 2008
Main contributors (see contributors.h for copyright, address and affiliation details)
  • Karsten Sühring <>
  • Alexis Michael Tourapis <> ***************************************************************************************

Definition in file nal.h.

Function Documentation

int addCabacZeroWords ( ImageParameters p_Img,
NALU_t nalu,
StatParameters *  cur_stats 

This function adds cabac_zero_word syntax elements at the end of the NAL unit to.

p_Img ImageParameters structure
nalu target NAL unit
cur_stats currently used statistics parameters
number of added bytes

Definition at line 114 of file nal.c.

References nalu_t::buf, and nalu_t::len.

Referenced by terminate_slice().

int RBSPtoEBSP ( byte NaluBuffer,
unsigned char *  rbsp,
int  rbsp_size 

This function add emulation_prevention_three_byte for all occurrences of the following byte sequences in the stream 0x000000 -> 0x00000300 0x000001 -> 0x00000301 0x000002 -> 0x00000302 0x000003 -> 0x00000303.

NaluBuffer pointer to target buffer
rbsp pointer to source buffer
rbsp_size Size of source
Size target buffer after emulation prevention.

Definition at line 73 of file nal.c.

Referenced by RBSPtoNALU(), and terminate_slice().

void SODBtoRBSP ( Bitstream currStream  ) 

Converts String Of Data Bits (SODB) to Raw Byte Sequence Packet (RBSP).

currStream Bitstream which contains data bits.
currStream is byte-aligned at the end of this function

Definition at line 39 of file nal.c.

References Bitstream::bits_to_go, Bitstream::byte_buf, Bitstream::byte_pos, and Bitstream::streamBuffer.

Referenced by GeneratePic_parameter_set_rbsp(), GenerateSEImessage_rbsp(), GenerateSeq_parameter_set_rbsp(), and terminate_slice().

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