nalucommon.c File Reference

Common NALU support functions. More...

#include "global.h"
#include "nalu.h"

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NALU_tAllocNALU (int buffersize)
void FreeNALU (NALU_t *n)

Detailed Description

Common NALU support functions.

Main contributors (see contributors.h for copyright, address and affiliation details)

Definition in file nalucommon.c.

Function Documentation

NALU_t* AllocNALU ( int  buffersize  ) 

Allocates memory for a NALU.

allocate one NAL Unit

buffersize size of NALU buffer
pointer to a NALU

Definition at line 31 of file nalucommon.c.

References nalu_t::buf, nalu_t::max_size, and no_mem_exit().

Referenced by create_slice_nalus(), GeneratePic_parameter_set_NALU(), GenerateSEImessage_NALU(), GenerateSeq_parameter_set_NALU(), Write_AUD_NALU(), and Write_Filler_Data_NALU().

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void FreeNALU ( NALU_t n  ) 

Frees a NALU.

free one NAL Unit

n NALU to be freed

Definition at line 60 of file nalucommon.c.

References nalu_t::buf.

Referenced by free_nal_unit(), rewrite_paramsets(), start_sequence(), Write_AUD_NALU(), Write_Filler_Data_NALU(), and write_PPS().

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