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      Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schierl
      Head of Video Coding & Analytics Department
Head of Multimedia Communications Group

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      Advanced MPEG-DASH  
      The combination of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) with layered codecs, such as SVC and MVC opens up a wide range of possibilities for a more improved usage of network resources.
      Wavefronts for HEVC Parallelism  
      For improving processing performance of encoders and decoders, Wavefronts have been added as tool to the HEVC standard for allowing high-level parallelism suitable for multi and many core hardware architectures.
      Improved DASH over LTE  
      A novel technique, which combines LTE features with knowledge about HTTP Streaming sessions for optimization of the wireless resources. The combined optimization yields an improved transmission of videos over cellular wireless systems which are based on LTE and LTE-Advanced.
      Layer-Aware FEC  
      Layer-Aware FEC (LA-FEC) constitutes a FEC scheme designed for transmission of layered media. LA-FEC generates FEC data across existing dependencies in the media stream and thereby improves the robustness without increasing the required bitrate.
      P2P Group Communication  
      Application Layer Overlays, based on Peer-to-Peer techniques, allow for flexible and cost effective solutions for Group Communication, with a large number of participants that are consuming lots of network resources.
      Cloud Computing for Real-time Communication
      The Cloud allows for flexible and improved solutions for Real-time Multimedia communication, by enabling new delivery architectures. Furthermore, multiple network paths can be utilized to improve the quality of the service.
      Multimedia Transmission Using SVC  
      Multimedia transmission is the key component for delivering media to mobile and fixed clients. Scalable Video Coding is a technique which brings improvements in different scenarios form conversational Internet services over, p2p streaming in ad-hoc networks up to multi-screen broadcast.
      Fast Zapping over Mobile Channels with SVC
      The combination of SVC, LA-FEC and Unequal Time Interleaving enables a new transmission scheme that allows fast zapping while providing robustness against long burst errors.
      Further Topics  
      A collection of initial works on multimedia communication and transmission for 3G and DVB-T/DVB-H networks as well as joint source/channel coding.
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