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headers for image processing More...

#include "mbuffer.h"

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int encode_one_frame (ImageParameters *p_Img, InputParameters *p_Inp)
Boolean dummy_slice_too_big (int bits_slice)
void copy_rdopt_data (Macroblock *currMB)
void UnifiedOneForthPix (ImageParameters *p_Img, InputParameters *p_Inp, StorablePicture *s)
void UnifiedOneForthPix_JV (ImageParameters *p_Img, InputParameters *p_Inp, int nplane, StorablePicture *s)
void frame_picture (ImageParameters *p_Img, InputParameters *p_Inp, Picture *frame, ImageData *imgData, int rd_pass)
byte get_idr_flag (ImageParameters *p_Img, InputParameters *p_Inp)
void write_non_vcl_nalu (ImageParameters *p_Img, InputParameters *p_Inp)

Detailed Description

headers for image processing

Main contributors (see contributors.h for copyright, address and affiliation details)

Definition in file image.h.

Function Documentation

void copy_rdopt_data ( Macroblock currMB  ) 

Boolean dummy_slice_too_big ( int  bits_slice  ) 

Just a placebo.

Definition at line 1632 of file image.c.

Referenced by init_slice().

int encode_one_frame ( ImageParameters p_Img,
InputParameters p_Inp 

void frame_picture ( ImageParameters p_Img,
InputParameters p_Inp,
Picture *  frame,
ImageData *  imgData,
int  rd_pass 

Encodes a frame picture.

Definition at line 943 of file image.c.

References code_a_picture(), img_par::enc_frame_picture_JV, find_distortion(), make_frame_picture_JV(), prepare_enc_frame_picture(), img_par::structure, and update_mv_limits().

Referenced by encode_one_frame(), and rd_picture_coding().

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byte get_idr_flag ( ImageParameters p_Img,
InputParameters p_Inp 

Determine whether picture is coded as IDR.

Definition at line 268 of file image.c.

References img_par::gop_number, inp_par_enc::idr_period, and img_par::structure.

Referenced by code_a_picture(), is_gop_first_unit(), and write_non_vcl_nalu().

void UnifiedOneForthPix ( ImageParameters p_Img,
InputParameters p_Inp,
StorablePicture s 

Upsample 4 times, store them in out4x. Color is simply copied.

srcy, srcu, srcv, out4y, out4u, out4v
Side Effects_
Uses (writes) img4Y_tmp. This should be moved to a static variable in this module

Definition at line 1502 of file image.c.

References get_mem4Dpel(), get_mem5Dpel(), getSubImagesChroma(), getSubImagesLuma(), storable_picture::imgUV_sub, storable_picture::imgY, storable_picture::imgY_sub, no_mem_exit(), storable_picture::p_curr_img, storable_picture::p_curr_img_sub, storable_picture::p_img_sub, select_plane(), YUV400, YUV420, and YUV422.

Referenced by dpb_combine_field(), dpb_split_field(), insert_picture_in_dpb(), and replace_top_pic_with_frame().

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void UnifiedOneForthPix_JV ( ImageParameters p_Img,
InputParameters p_Inp,
int  nplane,
StorablePicture s 

void write_non_vcl_nalu ( ImageParameters p_Img,
InputParameters p_Inp 

Brief AUD, SPS, PPS, and SEI messages

Commented out by StW, needs fixing in SEI.h to keep the trace file clean

Definition at line 2162 of file image.c.

References get_idr_flag(), is_gop_first_unit(), img_par::layer, img_par::number, PrepareAggregationSEIMessage(), rewrite_paramsets(), inp_par_enc::SendAUD, UpdateSubseqInfo(), Write_AUD_NALU(), and write_PPS().

Referenced by encode_one_frame().

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