Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
BiContextTypeStruct for context management
colocated_paramsDefinition a picture (field or frame)
decoded_picture_bufferDecoded Picture Buffer
DecodingEnvironmentStruct to characterize the state of the arithmetic coding engine
DecRefPicMarking_sBuffer structure for decoded reference picture marking commands
frame_sYUV pixel domain image arrays for a video frame
frame_storeFrame Stores for Decoded Picture Buffer
inp_par_encAll input parameters
motion_paramsDefinition of motion parameters
MotionVectorMotion Vector structure
nalu_tNAL unit structure
object_bufferRegion structure stores information about a region that is needed for concealment
pic_motion_paramsDefinition of pic motion parameters
pic_motion_params2Definition of pic motion parameters
storable_pictureDefinition a picture (field or frame)
tone_mapping_struct_tmpInterpret the HDR tone-mapping SEI message (JVT-T060)

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