storable_picture Struct Reference

definition a picture (field or frame) More...

#include <mbuffer.h>

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Data Fields

PictureStructure structure
int poc
int top_poc
int bottom_poc
int frame_poc
int64 ref_pic_num [MAX_NUM_SLICES][6][MAX_LIST_SIZE]
int64 frm_ref_pic_num [MAX_NUM_SLICES][6][MAX_LIST_SIZE]
int64 top_ref_pic_num [MAX_NUM_SLICES][6][MAX_LIST_SIZE]
int64 bottom_ref_pic_num [MAX_NUM_SLICES][6][MAX_LIST_SIZE]
unsigned frame_num
unsigned recovery_frame
int pic_num
int long_term_pic_num
int long_term_frame_idx
byte is_long_term
int used_for_reference
int is_output
int non_existing
short max_slice_id
int size_x
int size_y
int size_x_cr
int size_y_cr
int size_x_m1
int size_y_m1
int size_x_cr_m1
int size_y_cr_m1
int chroma_vector_adjustment
int coded_frame
int MbaffFrameFlag
unsigned PicWidthInMbs
unsigned PicSizeInMbs
imgpel ** imgY
imgpel *** imgUV
struct pic_motion_params motion
struct pic_motion_params JVmotion [MAX_PLANE]
short ** slice_id
struct storable_picturetop_field
struct storable_picturebottom_field
struct storable_pictureframe
int slice_type
int idr_flag
int no_output_of_prior_pics_flag
int long_term_reference_flag
int adaptive_ref_pic_buffering_flag
int chroma_format_idc
int frame_mbs_only_flag
int frame_cropping_flag
int frame_cropping_rect_left_offset
int frame_cropping_rect_right_offset
int frame_cropping_rect_top_offset
int frame_cropping_rect_bottom_offset
int qp
int chroma_qp_offset [2]
int slice_qp_delta
int concealed_pic
int seiHasTone_mapping
int tone_mapping_model_id
int tonemapped_bit_depth
imgpel * tone_mapping_lut

Detailed Description

definition a picture (field or frame)

Definition at line 40 of file mbuffer.h.

Field Documentation

stores the memory management control operations

Definition at line 102 of file mbuffer.h.

Referenced by adaptive_memory_management(), alloc_storable_picture(), and copy_dec_picture_JV().

imgpel*** imgUV

imgpel** imgY

struct pic_motion_params JVmotion[MAX_PLANE] [read]

Motion info for 4:4:4 independent mode decoding.

Definition at line 78 of file mbuffer.h.

Referenced by alloc_storable_picture(), compute_colocated_JV(), and free_storable_picture().

struct pic_motion_params motion [read]

short** slice_id

reference picture [mb_x][mb_y]

Definition at line 80 of file mbuffer.h.

Referenced by alloc_storable_picture(), dpb_combine_field(), dpb_split_field(), free_storable_picture(), gen_field_ref_ids(), and start_macroblock().

tone mapping look up table

Definition at line 111 of file mbuffer.h.

Referenced by copy_dec_picture_JV(), free_storable_picture(), and write_out_picture().

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