intra4x4_pred.h File Reference

definitions for intra 4x4 prediction More...

#include "global.h"
#include "mbuffer.h"

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int intrapred (Macroblock *currMB, ColorPlane pl, int ioff, int joff, int img_block_x, int img_block_y)

Detailed Description

definitions for intra 4x4 prediction

Main contributors (see contributors.h for copyright, address and affiliation details)

Definition in file intra4x4_pred.h.

Function Documentation

int intrapred ( Macroblock currMB,
ColorPlane  pl,
int  ioff,
int  joff,
int  img_block_x,
int  img_block_y 

makes and returns 4x4 intra prediction blocks

DECODING_OK decoding of intraprediction mode was sucessfull
SEARCH_SYNC search next sync element as errors while decoding occured
currMB current macroblock
pl current image plane
ioff pixel offset X within MB
joff pixel offset Y within MB
img_block_x location of block X, multiples of 4
img_block_y location of block Y, multiples of 4

Definition at line 797 of file intra4x4_pred.c.

References intra4x4_dc_pred(), intra4x4_diag_down_left_pred(), intra4x4_diag_down_right_pred(), intra4x4_hor_down_pred(), intra4x4_hor_pred(), intra4x4_hor_up_pred(), intra4x4_vert_left_pred(), intra4x4_vert_pred(), intra4x4_vert_right_pred(), and macroblock::p_Img.

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